Day 01 Knowledge

Your first day you will learn much, one thing is that, people like to steal your docs.

What are docs you ask? Docs is short for documents, they can be obtained by right clicking on your Documents Clerk and selecting Pick Up, he is located behind the desk labeled Documents. Now, you have docs, what to do with them. This is rather simple. If you click to the tab called inventory, you can see your fresh docs. Right next to it is the location in blue, looking kind of like this:
Agency Events Schedule   --> City Park Box
In this circumstance your docs name is Agency Events Schedule and the location to drop it off at is city park box. This will change for every document you pick up.
Now, the hard part (well, at first), finding the location of your drop box (I strongly recommend not asking anyone, unless they are of the same agency as you). Chances are, you will have one in the country, which is were you are now, the name is relative to the location of that area. The three areas are Country, City, and Mall. Now, you have found your box, how do you drop it off? This is rather simple too, but, it is a good idea to check for people trying to steal your docs before you drop them off into boxes. To check, look for the command called area search in the commands tab and click it. You will probably not see anyone, but that is because you are low in skill. So, right click on the box, and click Drop off docs. You will now ether receive a small amount of tp and money or you will see a message saying you are a fool and someone took your docs, you will now see someone behind the box, they took your docs, but, don't get to sensitive about it, docs are just docs and more can be gotten, chances are you would be killed by them anyways if you tried anything. Now return to your base and repeat a few times, untill you know were most of the boxes are and will not have much trouble finding them in the future.

Depending on what team you are on, you have 2-3 max at this time. Try to get more, and the Documents Clerk with tell you that you can not be trusted with any more at this time.

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